Children Snack by Toques Brûlées


Toques Brûlées’ treat for children

All the children got together at Anne-Marie Pic space to enjoy a gargantuan and colorful snack, prepared by the "Toques Brulées", this seeds of chefs who,  during two day, animated the workshops dedicated themselves to children to initiate them to the ABC of cooking and the making of a chocolate cake.

The association of "Toques Brûlées (Burned Chef's Hats)", created in October 2007, is determined to keep pace with cultural changes. These chefs of various ethnic origins, are worthy representatives of the local culinary diversity. They officiate in all types of tables, Traditional, Wine Bar, Brasserie, Gourmet, Star, Classic, Modern, Family ... and claim that all kitchens are compatible, that despite their different origins, they can complement and work together to provide a moment of pure pleasure and good taste.