Recipes and Chefs Secrets


Recipes and chefs secrets

Throughout the afternoon, in the various tents, chefs were busy in the kitchen unveiling their recipes in front of lovers of gastronomy, like Jerome Nutile from restaurant "Castellas" in Collias with his recipe: Truffles "surprise" with Risoto thicken with foie gras. Mike Feval from restaurant "Antoine" in Paris demonstrated the recipe: Risoto with Beets. Stephane Giono, chef of the "Sea Sens" in Cannes, of Australian origin, chosen by Jacques and Laurent Pourcel to run their restaurant at Five Hotel and Spa, presented the recipe: Tortilla By Five, and Sergi Arola, from restaurant "Sergi Arola Gastro" in Spain showed the public his recipe: Roasted Sardines, fried egg yolk, black trumpets. All day the chiefs followed, making traveling and salivating a large audience. In Champagne Laurent Perrier pavilion, Mehmet Gurs from "Mikia" in Istemboul, or Michel Porto, from the "Saint Jacques" in Bouiliac, at the Riso Gallo pavilion, Davis Le Quellec from "Pavillon Garoupe" in Antibes, at La Cambuse pavilion, Christelle Brua from "Pré Catelan" in Paris, and at Marc Veyrat pavilion, Mario Dorio, "the Cink" (Hotel 314) in Cannes.