Eric Frechon’s Street


Closing ceremony

At the Rogé Verge pavilion, an outstanding event awaited the public: "C'est pas du cinéma" (this's no cinema) with the chef's surprise. Rather chefs' surprise: Sebastien Chambrun concocted a fillet of sea bass, artichoke, purple carrot and miso sauce when Serge Goulounès was preparing in the same time prawns with eggplant and artichoke.

Then it was unfortunately the end of two days of happiness and time of closing ceremony with awards and diplomas. All were squeezing at the bottom of the village, where personalities had come together, surrounded by chefs. Mayor Mr Richard Galy announced that the town of Mougins had just obtained the label "Ville and Métiers d'Arts" (Town and Craft of Arts), and that he would leave soon to organize a gastronomy festival in Italy, in Casablanca and Madeira and he thanked all participants of the festival, first of whom the 25 chefs come for the occasion, municipal officials, journalists, volunteers and municipal services, the General Council with Mr. Eric Ciotti, the weather, and many sponsors of this beautiful event, who all combine their efforts for the success of this gastronomy event. This was followed by the awards for the oenology competition whose winner was Jean-Batiste Klein, from the Moulin de Mougins and the second, Maxime Brunet fom the Oasis in Mandelieu, the third was Boris Schneider from the Trattoria of Cannes. At last, everyone went to the entrance of the village where the mayor unveiled the plaque dedicated to the guests of honor over the years and where Eric Fréchon's name was now carved in the stone on the last line. Then the ceremony ended with hugs and congratulations, and promises to be there next year for the 7th edition.