Etoiles de Mougins 2011


Mougins in the firmament of Stars

The «Etoiles de Mougins» is the first Gastronomy Festival in the world that brings together a large panel of great chefs and the public at large for demonstrations, discovery and competitions. For the seventh consecutive year and during three days, from September 15 to 17, the old village of Mougins has turned into a vast open-air theater of taste to accommodate key chefs from around the world who came to share with the public the love a profession and a passion for their art: gastronomy. An atmosphere of haute cuisine, where young and old eyes were riveted to the chefs movements under the demonstrations tents.

With 296 chefs received since its inception in 2006, representing 412 Stars Michelin three-star chefs with 29, 28 countries invited 300 journalists and around 25 000 visitors per edition, the Festival International de la Gastronomie represents one of best event of the year on the French Riviera and the town of Mougins, ambassador of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

On the 2012 edition, 124 chefs have showcased their talents all around the village under the auspices of Frédéric Anton, 3-star chefs, MOF, member of the Masterchef TV culinary show. The abundance of the Festival program comprises many public demonstrations of chefs and numerous workshops, including a Laurent Perrier area where to learn to mix Champagne and dishes. There is also competitions for young chefs and amateurs.

«Our Mayors in the Kitchen» contest

As part of the 7th edition of the Étoiles de Mougins, the tourist office has organized two competitions on September 14 for mayors: a cooking contest, imagined and conceived Stéphane Raimbault, two-star chef of L'Oasis in Mandelieu la Napoule, and a sommelier competition. The contest, open to all mayors in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, took place in the contest area and each competitor mayor was assisted by a professional chef from his district to realize a dish on the theme of sole fillets.

Etoiles de Mougins "Seeds of Chef" contest

Each year, a workshop area is reserved for children in the Festival program. For the first time, a contest decided among them on the theme: "The vegetable burger." The recipe should only include bread, vegetables and cheese. In addition to 2-star chefs Bruno Oger and Christophe Cussac, the jury of this competition for children included Junior Master Chef 2012 winner Martin Helouin and Jenna Azoulay, third of this TV show. Will the winner be one day winning the Young Chef Contest?

Chefs Picnic

On Thursday 16 September 2012, the Chefs Picnic took place at the boules pitch at the bottom of the village, a haute cuisine event featuring the famous Mougins pan-bagnat stuffed with lobster. Métro also brought its contribution to the Chefs Picnic organized by the Toques Brûlées chefs, an association of young chef in the region. The Mougins pan-bagnat was crunchy, soft, full of flavors of Provence, decorated with country vegetables, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, onion combined with the freshness of Brittany Blue Lobster...

Les Toques Brûlées, some humor in our plates

Through their multiple demonstrations and tastings, we were able to discover or rediscover during the 2012 Etoiles de Mougins their diverse range of cuisine, from slty to sweet tastes, a classic traditional and local cuisine revisited, a modern and evolving cuisine. During this great event they have displayed a good mood while applying to have fun and having fun with the large audience who came to enjoy a warm and festive cuisine.

Closing Ceremonies of the seventh edition of the International Festival of Gastronomy

Alongside Richard Galy, mayor of Mougins, Regional Councillor were Frédéric Anton, honorary president of the 2012 edition, Madame Dominique Mallemanche, sub-prefect of the district of Grasse and all the chefs who animated workshops or performed demonstrations in many areas throughout the village usch as Chef Jacques Chibois, two stars from the Bastide Saint Antoine, for this time of sharing and showcasing products and French cuisine.