More Pavilion: New Shopping Experience


Shops of the future.

The New Shopping Experience in the "More Pavilion" gave visitors a glimpse of the future of the shops, with their virtual fitting rooms and their "magic walls", which should allow greater interaction between the brand, the customer and the shop. The shop futuristic created by the Trade Industrial Pole (PICOM) and ïdgroup was showcasing a "magic wall" and a virtual dressing room.

The "magic wall" is a vertical surface that lights up when a customer approaches it to display a series of moving pictures illustrating the life style and the message associated with a particular brand, to transport the client in the universe of this trademark. The virtual dressing room combines various imaging techniques to evaluate the measurements of the customer before suggesting its ideal size clothing and to inform the availability of the product. The concepts seem like science fiction but the pole dedicated to the trade, the PICOM, which brings together hundreds of partners working in more than forty projects for a joint investment of 50 million euros in research and development, has eight projects approved by the PICOM, carried by four research laboratories and a dozen companies, two of which featured at Mapic: The "Magic Mirror" and "Collaborative shopping". The "Magic Mirror" is a virtual dressing room that allows clients to view themselves in costumes without having to put them on through augmented reality. The "Magic Mirror" allows you to try products inaccessible (when packaged, for example). A camera identifies the morphology of the customer to provide the ideal size of the product and its availability. The garment in 3D automatically adapts to the body, following all its movements. The customer can scroll patterns and colors of a wave of his hand and see the result on the screen that may be in the store or outside. Once the choice determined, the client can keep a picture, send it to friends on social networks and get their opinion before buying.

"Collaborative shopping" allows you to see in 3D and on a big screen a future child's room, with its Smartphone as a remote control. The client discovers on a large screen a showroom of children's room furniture in 3D and full size, with its Smartphone associated with the gesture of his hand, he navigates and manipulates items until ideal location. The Smartphone and his own body become a remote control that allows multiple interactions at scripting products. The seller with a tablet, also interacts to help the customer in his choice and furnish virtually the room of his child. The shopping of the future is now, because rents are becoming higher and retail space are not scalable and magic walls represent an innovative solution. These concepts will create interactive links between brands and customers.