Mediterranea Sea Festival


Fans of the sea have plunged for Mediterranea

The International Festival of Underwater Picture and Adventure which was held from March 30 to April 1 at Fort Carré in Antibes gathered as usual many fans of the sea and its underwater landscapes. An event that is part of an particularly strong heritage tradition in the heart of a city that welcomed the pioneers of diving, starting with the iconic Captain Cousteau and his Calipso. Having signed an environmental charter, the city of Antibes and the event Mediterranea are resolutely geared to environmental protection, sustainable development and the discovery of the world with his fate and questions. To be much more than a festival for filmmakers and photographers, such is the ambition of the festival which Cousteau Society - Team Cousteau is the prime contractor with the tourism office.

Again this year, many visitors have been spoiled for choice between seminars, film screenings, reports, documentaries, slide shows, exhibitions of paintings, photographs and most diverse stands (library, travel, diving equipment etc.) plus a contest among the 50 best films screened by a professional jury. The award ceremony took place at Espaces Fort Carré inside the festival. Attended by the Minister of Forein and European Affairs and Mayor of Antibes-Juan les Pins, Jean Léonnetti, Francine Cousteau and Bruce Paisner, President & CEO International Academy of Arts and Science television (Emmy) in the USA. 60 photographers were also competing for the 2012 award for best picture. The 2011 winner, Didier Noirot, was present and an exhibition devoted to him being on the theme: "From Dumont d'Urville to Cape Washington." An exhibition under the big Espaces Fort Carré: that of the Saint Raphael archeological museum and the Navy.


Jury Special Mention: 134 - THE VOYAGE OF THE WORLDS

Roman and Denis Lagrange Dussaulx - 52 '- France

Prize for "Best Music": SLAVES OF THE FORGOTTEN Tromelin Island

Thierry Ragobert - 52 '- France


Gisela Kaufmann - 44 '- Australia

Prize "Nature and Science": THE LAW OF HUNGER

Danny Van Belle - 27 '- Belgium

Prize "Education and Youth": MEDITERRANEAN AND BIOTOPES

Blan Charlotte and Nicolas Gilbert - clips - France

Prize "Eden Casino" "Groupe Partouche": THE MISSING PRINCE

Herlé Joüon and Loïc Houeix - 18 '- France


Juliette Lambo, Rene and Vincent Heuzey May - 22 '- France

Prize "Extreme": 330 METERS UNDER THE SEA

Laurent Mini - 52 '- France

Prize "Exploration and Adventure": THE WAY OF THE POLE

Thierry Robert - 52 '- France

Prize for Best TV Reporting: THE FEAST OF THE KING

Rene and Sabine Quindou Heuzey - 26 '- France

Prize of the "City of Antibes" CRAZY WHALE - Christophe Broken - 52 '- France

Prize of the "Environment" VEOLIA: TARA OCEANS - ALLIANCE LOST - Michael and Thierry Pitiot Ragobert - France - 53 '

Prize "Unusual": LIKE A FISH IN WATER: STRANGE - Manuel Lefevre - 18 '- France -

Special Jury Prize: SLAVES OF THE FORGOTTEN Tromelin Island - Thierry Ragobert - 52 '- France


Mediterranea Bronze: LOST YEARS - A SEA TURTLE ODYSSEY - Larry Zetlin and Jeremy Hogarth - 52 '- Australia

Mediterranea Silver: A BOAT FOR HAITI - Régis Michel and Philippe Fontenoy - 28 '- France

Mediterranea Gold: EARTH LOSES THE NORTH - Stéphane Nicolopoulos and Yanick Rose - 52 '- Canada - Franc