Denis Fetisson Coach On The Road


Aïoli TV show with Denis Fétisson

Just back from a tour in Asia and Oceania, Ludovic and Samuel Dayhelet, the two Belgian winners of Beijing Express, a show directed and produced by TV channel M6, have stopped in the old village of Mougins, for an initiation into the "aïoli", coached by prestigious chef Denis Fétisson, chef of The Amandier in Mougins. A challenge for the two brothers, as part of their new program idea: "On The Road". A show pilot taking them in turn on the southwest roads then along the paths of our beautiful Provence for a pétanque squared boules contest in Barjols in the Var and now in this picturesque place of the old village of Mougins, where a cooking station had been installed to allow the two Belgian brothers and adventurer to realize before forty curious, surrounded by a technical crew of six, the famous recipe of the "aïoli", under chef Denis Fetisson's watchful eye and advices.  Colored cards had been distributed to the public for a vote after tasting to decide who achieved the best recipe. After peeling vegetables and cutting fish, interspersed, as the two friendly trainee cooks know so well do, with burlesque scenes: sometimes jumping into the fountain or running through the cobbled streets of the village and calling at the public to try to influence on their vote. Then came the most difficult time, oh yes! because at the strength of the wrist, they had to wind up in a mortar a garlic mayonnaise, slowly pouring the olive oil until obtaining a hard mass so that the pestle stand without falling. After tasting the public, the sentence fell, Samuel was the winner. Given this demonstration of good humor and beautiful complicity, we expect that our two lads won't have trouble to find at the end of the shooting a television channel for broadcasting their new show "On the Road".